As a whole, what comes to your mind when you think of living a successful life? Many will logically agree that being happy is an essential quality of being successful, and to those that disagree- this article is probably not for you. Frankly, any normal person in our society will without a doubt admit that health, finance, and communication are quintessential components of living in a functional society. Regardless where you live on earth, either in the city or in the countryside, these three components will have an impact on your life in one way or the other, and very likely it will affect your level of happiness based on the measured outcome of the three categories that we will be discussing in-depth in this article.


Necessity Of Well-being

More specifically starting with the topic of health, generally people consider not having any disease as being healthy. That is of course true, but comprehensively speaking health does not only pertain to physical benefits. Whether you know this or not, health greatly impacts the mind in which it affects the way we think; our thought process. Needless to say, knowing how to take care of your overall health is crucial in the big picture. Among some of the benefits of having good health includes not transmitting diseases or weighing others down around you, lowering the need of visiting the hospital, and most importantly saving you from unnecessary inconvenience and discomfort. With that being said, the focus on health should be on everyone’s mind.


The Contribution To Your Happiness

In regards to finance, it is important for people of all status; no matter what tax bracket you fall under or profession you are in. Besides, basically every country on earth uses the financial system to transact. No matter where you go on earth, money will be used for the purpose of economic exchange and negotiation. Now obviously everyone’s lifestyle will vary from one another, but the principle stays the same. For example, in simple terms if you are unable to handle your own personal finance many of the amenities, products, or services of everyday life will likely be unattainable. Needless to say, knowing your own finance is well connected to how you might feel base on your circumstances, would you not agree?


Understanding Human Connection

Concerning communication, this is unquestionably a part of everyone’s life. Some will agree it is comparable to inhaling and exhaling. We as humans are designed to be social. In fact, not being able to communicate with another person can impact your mental well-being. Since communication is the process of sending and receiving information, this can happen in many ways, such as in person meetings, in virtual settings, by reading books, and etc. Communication helps us to express our thoughts and feelings, while helping us to comprehend the thoughts and emotions of other people too, making it the foundation for human relationship. By all means without communication it would be harmful to your mental condition.


Main Pillars Of Life And Success

In a similar fashion such as a house, for it to be livable it requires essential needs such as running water, the ability to stay cool or warm depending on the weather, and having a strong structural integrity among other things (imagine missing just one of these, yikes!). After all, we as humans rely on the fundamental necessities of life, most importantly these necessities make our lives better and worth living. If you are interested in learning more about the three pillars that leads to a successful and happy life- which is health, finance, and communication; make sure to subscribe to Onus. We simplify and condense all the abstract jargon of health, finance, and communication of the twenty-first century so you don’t have to. In fact, we will help you understand the beneficial key points of each article and take away useful information that are largely applicable to the real world.


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